Gallery: Genre

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6 Responses to “Gallery: Genre”

  1. Nate Baldwin says:

    Good stuff, Phil. I especially like Joan of Arc, Angst and Harmonica. Maybe you could paint a “Joan of Arc Playing Harmonica with Angst” next?

  2. tOkKa says:

    –>> .. i have striven to see the works of the illustrious Mr.Lear.

  3. Mark Atwell says:

    Loved “Window Smasher” from the first time I saw it some months ago. Purchased it last Saturday (3-10). Now enjoying it in our home. Also really like “Pablo”… Great work, Phil! Mark Atwell

  4. Nacht says:

    Is Wonderful!

  5. John Parra says:

    You should consider “tarot cards” or an “oracle deck”? I’d buy it in a heartbeat, just for the art!

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