Gallery: Tiles

Here are a few of the saloon tile pictures I’ve done, featuring all your favourite gunslingers, bank robbers and derelicts of the Old West. It was hard to work on some of the tiles, due to their condition and fragility, but the imperfections were part of what made them unique. I gave each one a good layer of sealant to preserve all the cracks, dirt, and tobacco stains just as they were.

3 Responses to “Gallery: Tiles”

  1. Barbie Pickford says:

    Phil these are amazing!

  2. Tim Lovette says:

    this is so awesome. how much is a print?

  3. Jan Mummery says:

    Phil, your work is incredible. Your ideas are out of this world!
    I am getting back to painting after quite some time. I just lost my partner to cancer. Painting will help. Hope your life is going well. Jan

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